Thigh & Waist Trimmer Double Layer


Bullet Points:

1、Premium Material: Made of high-quality fabrics, the waist trainer is soft and thick, which can effectively accumulate heat in the waist, but you will not feel stuffy. Suitable for all kinds of sports.
2、Waist Trainer: Get rid of stubborn inner thigh and waist fat by reducing excess water, making your legs and waist look slimmer.
3、Multiple Functions: The waist trainer helps burn excess fat in the lower abdomen, helps increase blood flow, relieves pain in the groin, buttocks, waist and back muscles, but also lifts the hips.
4、Double-layer Thickening Design: The warmth helps to shape and firm your thighs, and the belt is safer to wear and makes sports effect more obvious.
5、Strong Support: Provide more support during running, jogging, lunch or exercise, and the waist trainer also provides protection during exercise.
Before wearing
After wearing
There is a huge difference in sports body heat whether to wear a belt or not
Increased waist heat drives body fat burning
Double pressurized
Widened pressurized belt
Double-layer pressurized, waist, abdomen and leg shaping belt

Main fabric composition: polyester fiber
Function: waist support, shaping, no trace, hip lifting, body shaping, abdomen contraction, adjustment type
Size: S / M/L / XL

Packing List:
Integrated Waist Belt * 1


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